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 Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 12:58

does anyone know what is the biggest Carp ever caught/found in S.A.?

It will be quite interesting to get a couple of facts maybe pictures onto this web from anglers out there.

The biggest I know of is the photo of a 36kg speciman in the edition of Tight Lines December 2001, the fish was mounted and was aparently caught in Gauteng somewhere?

Do any of you have some facts on this, maybe Gilbert can shed some light on this?

The current world for a Common Carp stands at 35,3kg from Raduta and for a mirror at 37,4kg also from Raduta. The biggest I have ever seen on the web is one of 38kg also found dead overseas. I have the link to the web somewhere and will forward to you guys.

I reckon we have even bigger fish here in S.A. in certain dams just because of our climate etc. what do you think?




RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 13:38

I am confused cause in the Stywe Lyne it is said that that was the ne record Carp in South Africa that was caught. The one on the cover but the one on the Gallery caught by Gilbert is bigger than that one!!!

I do not know of bigger than that in South Africa. Even if you look at the ones, the one that comes the closest is the one caught at Klaserie of 58.8 lbs (mirror)

It pi**es me of that their fish weigh more in kilograms than mine does in pounds


RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 13:57

yes Mudbath, I know the feeling regarding the guys carps that is bigger in kg's than ours in Lbs'!

To my knowledge the old SA record was 26,8kg, the fish of Martin Louw of 27Kg is the new official or almost officail record. If you have a look at the December 2002 edition of Stywe Lyne Hennie du Preez caught a fish at Klaserie of 65Lbs or 30Kgs' but could not register the record cause he did not belong to a affiliated club. So this was the unofficial SA record.

I have heard of other fish in the 25-30Kg class that have been caught in the past year or so in Gauteng but detail on this is quite scetchy as the anglers do not want to let out where the fish was caught.

Thus also the reason why these guys never claim the record as they would not tell where the fish was caught being affraid that the place will be swumped by all.

Maybe true and one has to respect it I think, but my aim in the thread or subjectis not to find out where the biggest fish was caught, but rather what was the biggest, see a photo of this and other big 'ones' so that we can promote/motivate the sport of speciman carp fishing to the general anlger and by this preserve the bigger Carp for the future.

This is the only way we can assure that we will be able to catch big Carp in the near future, It sickens me to read that article of fish that was netted in klaserie when it was low in water, big carp with good ''geens'' verskoon my english of sal ek se in Afrikaans gene, were killed. These big fish was the breeders of future generations.

We have Zeekoeivlei down here, on a good day you can catch between 70-120 carp of no bigger than 2kg's. the odd oneof 5-7kg do come along but i mean some guys likes fishing for qauntity and not qaulity fish, this is why Zeekoeivlei is ideal for this.

Zeekoeivlei still has big fish up to 17-19kg but is outnumbered by the smaller fish and due to ''netters'' who netts the lake in the dry and winter season these specimans are becoming fewer.



RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 13:59

sorry for the mistake, it is the December 2001 edition and not 2002 Stywe Lyne.



RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 14:12

Sorry I misunderstood. Just got to a site where there is a photo of a 64 pound carp which means it is a 29.02 kg fish.

Where can we see the one that was in the Stywe Lyne?

So if I catch a 32kg fish at this stage I cannot claim the record because I do not belong to a club???? That is stupid. If you follow the correct procedure then I feel that you should be allowed to claim the record. It sound like a politics thing again so I am going to leave it at that.

OP shed a bit of light on this please.


RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 14:16

i have the photo in the 2001 December edition of stywe lyne, i can scan the photo and send it to OP if allowed.

if OP can just shed light on the copy right issue agian, am i allowed to scan the photo and mail it to you for publication ?

if we can i will gladly assist



RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
25-Jun-2004 14:35

Also if you can tell us if we can put a pointer to links on other sites. I mean to sites like espn or one of the UK sites that has something that we don't and they have a copyright on.


RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
27-Jun-2004 00:39

I am not allowed to publish any photos on OP without permission. If I want to publish a photo previously published in another magazine, I've got to get the original from the owner and with his/her permission I can use it on OP.

With regards to links. I do not mind a member adding links to his/her posts as long as he/she is not affiliated, own, host or maintain another web site serving fishing related content. In that case I need to know about it and we will then go through the same process of getting permission.

With regards to advertising. I don't like members blatantly advertising their own products/services on the forum. List yourself in the Directory for that. That said, I don't mind if Mr X says XYZ is the best bait for carp, as long as Mr X is not the manufacturer of or affiliated with XYZ.

Remember that the forum is for you. Anything goes. I don't want to enforce strict rules, etc to make life unbearable for you. What will be the point?

Just remember that I am as new to the concept of the forum as some of you are, so let's figure it out as we go along. I also expect you guys to let me know when I make a mistake or you feel that I am heading in the wrong direction...


RE: Biggest Carp in South Africa?
28-Jun-2004 08:41

Look if you want to see how people speak their mind you have to go to one of the gaming forums. Those people call a spade a spade and in some cases make the forum alive. The moment you get two people disagreeing on a topic you tend to get others to speak their mind as well. I think we are too touchy and I believe that if I put a link to a site on the web it should be for proving a point and not to make a quick buck.

I also believe that even if you host the forum and one of the members come out and make racist remarks it does not mean you are a racist or if someone makes a comment on a specific type of bait or product that that company can sue you. it is the right of the individual that post the message to post it and take the consequences.

But yeah I agree, keep the people out that want to promote their own product. I definately do not want to see that.

The people on the forum wants to speak to each other and get inputs from other people from the Gilberts to the MudBaths. Even if it is just to laugh at how stupid a remark it is and if one of the forum members gets mistreated or some angling shop cheats or the type of bait of a specific producer is sub standard I definately want to hear about it.

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