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Hentiesbay Angling Tours
The land where the desert meets the sea

Come and enjoy an adventurous holiday on the West Coast of Namibia where your every need will be taken care of. You will be fishing alongside some of the best guides Namibia has to offer. Whether you fish for edible species like the Kob, Steenbras or Galjoen or our famous Copper Shark, better known as the Bronze Whaler (Bronzie), your dreams will become a reality.

Covering a coastline of 300 miles we will tailor an itinerary to suit your needs. Transport is via 4x4 Toyota Landcruisers as this is desert country. Fishing coastline starts from Sandwich Bay, south of Walvis Bay and ends at the Skeleton Coast Park, Terrace Bay. Terrace Bay is open throughout the year and has bungalow accommodation. Keep in mind this is a very sought after area and bookings must be done well in advance as permits must be arranged to enter this area. This is a secluded area and only caters for 40 fisherman at a time, but has prime fishing with big Kob and Steenbras and plenty of sharks. Torra Bay is strictly camping and is situated in Skeleton Coast Park, but it is only open to the public 2 months a year, December and January. Species targeted are copper shark, average weight 100lbs, hound shark average 20lbs, spotted gully shark average 40lbs, cow sharks from 50lbs up to 150lbs.

The copper shark is the most powerful and strongest fish with massive stamina and endurance, and attains a weight of 400lbs, All these fish are strong fighters and capable of giving even the most experienced angler a fight he will not forget. All sharks are released to ensure the survival of the species. Edible species are Kob, Steenbras, Galjoen and Blacktail. Kob and Steenbras being the biggest with weights of 20lbs and more. These species are available throughout the year while bigger specimens are more freely caught during October until May, August to May is best for copper shark. Fishing is done throughout the year with good catches, the prime being October to April.

Hotel accommodation is available or you could opt for a beautiful guesthouse at Hentiesbay. Other options are fully furnished houses for groups that want to do their own catering or fully catered houses including a chef and all meals for groups that want to be more relaxed. Camping trips are available along the coastline including tents, meals and bedding. This is for the more adventurous, outdoor type. Trips into the desert are also done on request and areas such as Cape Cross with it’s seal colony, the desert elephant and desert rhino are all trips that can be experienced.

We offer the following:
Fully catered fishing Safaris
4x4, fuel, bait, cleaning, freezing and packaging of your catch, guide, rods and reels. We only use state of the art equipment with the best names and leading brands.
For those who believe in doing their own thing but need a professional guide, we are at your disposal.
Fishing permits to fish our coast can be arranged for you, saving you time.
We have rods and reels for rent, fishing trailers and all fishing equipment.

We live by our motto, GO BIG OR GO HOME.


Hentiesbay Angling Tours
For unique tailor made packages, phone Steven "Spyker" Kruger

Tel: 09264 64 500903
Cell: 09264 81 242-3782
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